Center of Medical Education

Director: Prof.Dr.Zafar Hayat

Asstt Director: Prof.Dr.Ejaz Hassan Khan

Khyber Medical College has an active center for Medical education to support and chance the function of the faculty as educationists and as learners. To increase awareness and build educational skills among the faculty members, the center for medical education has planned a structured program of periodic workshops throughout the year on topics of importance to the faculty like teaching and learning Principals, Evaluations and examination, Research designing, Medical writing, use of information Technology as Teaching and learning tool, communication skills and others.

The following workshops were conducted recently:

1. Workshop on "learning to teach and learn". .

2. Workshop on "Medical writing"..

3. Workshop on "Computers for Doctors"..

4. Workshop on "Research designing".

5. Workshop on "Medical statistics"..

6. Workshop on "Communication skills".

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