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Third Year MBBS classes will start from 17th Jan 2022. Click here to view the notification 

First ever research grant for the faculty of KMC / KTH 2022. Click Here to download the proposal template.     Click here to download the notification. 


With a glorious history spanning over sixty-seven years, Khyber Medical College has entered into a new arena of healthcare challenges with resounding hope and promise.

 Taking cognizance of the vision and mission of this institute of high standing with reflection on its historical accomplishments, cultivating world leading medical and health practitioners, to heal with quality and compassion and to inspire discovery and innovation with integrity and resolve, it is time to, turn over a new leaf in the competitive academic world, leapfrog our healthcare educational outcomes and address the emerging issues of global health within the indigenous context. Read More


Our Mission

To empower and equip our graduates through quality medical education and training, professionalism and desired skills to provide admirable health care services to patients based on humility, honesty, selflessness, confidentiality, integrity and ethical values of this sacred profession.

Our Vision

To be a premier medical sciences institution of best practices in health care services and research at par with international standards.

Prof. Mahmud Aurangzeb
Prof. Mahmud Aurangzeb

Dean. Khyber Medical College

Jobs Test & Interview Schedule

Test for the post of Assistant Provost and Civil Engineer: 03:12:2020 at KMC

  • Tender for the purchase of various I.T, medical, disposible items and chemicals. Download

                 To download the SBDs please click on:

i.      I.T & Multimedia with accessories.(updated)

ii.      Disposable items.

iii.      Safety Engineering items. (Updated)

iv.     Medical Equipment. (Updated)

  • Tender for improvment and rehabilitation of KMC main building & hostels. Download

CHPE 2020 Admission Form along with bank fee reciept. Download

Fee Concession Form.Download

IMC proforma Download

Leave application form staff Download

Job application form   Download 

Wi Fi registration form Download

Plagiarism policy of MTI, KMC/KTH  Download

Complaint proforma, Directorate of Works.KMC   Download


Revised fee structure of different certificates to be issued by KMC. Click here to view


Practical date sheet for First Prof, MBBS. Click Here to View


Attention all students and faculty of KMC. Classes of new academic session will start as per the schedule attached here.

Office Order

Dr. Fauzia Afridi and Dr. Nazli nominated as module directors for 3rd,4th & Final year MBBS. Read More

Up coming activities:

Psycho-social support workshop for Acid burnt victims

KMC collaboration with Depilex SmileAgain Foundation arranged Psycho-social support workshop for Acid burnt victims.

Ms. Musarrat Misbah Founder and President DSF, Dean KMC Prof. Dr. Mahmud Aurangzeb were the Chief Guest of the event.

Workshop on Lab Safety Protocols

A one day on-hand training workshop was on Lab Safety Protocols organized by Department of Pharmacology for the Lab staff of KMC. Prof. Mushtaq Marwat, Dr Saleh Faisal and Mr Waheed Iqbal were the facilitators.

Certificate Distribution Ceremony

Certificate Distribution Ceremony was held on 01 Oct 2021. Certificates were distributed among the research board KLMC and students. Dean KMC, Prof. Mahmud Aurangzeb was the chief guest of the occasion

Khyber Medical College Peshawar.

The mother institute of the nation

Founded in 1954, Khyber Medical College, as faculty of Medicine, of Peshawar University, was laid by the then Governor General of Pakistan, Mr. Ghulam Muhammad. Explore…..

Khyber Teaching Hospital Peshawar.

Our Teaching Hospital


Our Hostels.

KMC has 4 hostels for te resident students


‘‘our past is glorious and our future would be no different’’

Khyber Medical College, my alma mater and one of the oldest and most eminent medical education institutions of Pakistan, has been a source of honor and pride for me since the day I was accepted as a student in its folds. As the current President of the Khyber Medical College Alumni Association of North America, I am honored and privileged to be given this opportunity to reach out to the wider Khyber Medical College community thorough its website.  As a member of the class of 1985, I am delighted and proud to see my class fellow and friend, Professor Dr. Mahmud Aurangzeb as the current Dean of this esteemed institution.

Dr. Rashid Hanif

M.D., F.A.C.G, A.G.A.F., Meritus Medical Center Hagerstown, Maryland, USA

Khizar Hayat

MBBS 1st Prof 2019

2nd Position in KMU

Ziad Ali

MBBS 1st Prof.2019

2nd position in KMU

Muhammad Tabish Ikram.

MBBS 4th Prof.2019

2nd Position in KMU

Farah Gul

MBBS 4rth Prof.2019

1st  Position in KMU

Maryam Hamid

MBBS 4rth Prof.2019

3rd  Position in KMC

Haseeb Ahmad

MBBS 3rd Prof.2019

2nd Position in KMU

Gul Rukh Noreen

MBBS 3rd Prof 2019.

2nd Position in KMU

Faryal Masaud

MBBS 3rd Prof 2019.

1st Position in KMU

Sadia Shafique

MBBS 3rd Prof 2019

4th Position in KMU

Maria Subhan

MBBS 2nd Prof 2019

1st Position in KMC

Mashal Fakhar

MBBS 2nd Prof 2019

3rd Position in KMC

Laiba Ahmad

MBBS 2nd Prof 2019

1st Position in KMC

Umama Faisal Akhunzada

MBBS 2nd Prof 2019

3rd Position in KMC

Muhammad sabih

MBBS 3rd Prof 2020

1st Position in KMC

Explore our Journal

Journal of Medical Sciences

Online ISSN 1997-3446
Print ISSN 1997-3438
Our Alumni

Our Alumni

Flourishing and engaged alumni are a visible indicator of the success of our practice-led vision.  Our alumni have the practice intelligence, skills and experience that give substance to the vision of KMC. Through their engagement students can draw on their experience of solving problems in the real world and learn to deliver measurable improvements in organisational performance.


KMCAANA is a 501-3C non-profit, alumni of graduates of Khyber Medical College residing in North America. KMCAANA graduates are serving communities across United States.