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Test for the post of Assistant Provost and Civil engineer to be held on 03/12/2020 at 10:00 am in Khyber Medical College Peshawar

Attention boarders of KMC hostels: All hostels of KMC are closed with immediate effect till further order. All resident students are directed to vacate the hostel till 29th Nov. Foreign students are directed to submit written request if they wish to stay in hostel at their own risk. For more details click here

All on-going and upcoming viva voce and examinations for MBBS/BDS are postponed till further notification.  View Notification 

Official working timings for KMC: Mon to Thu: 08:00 am to 03:00 pm & Fri: 08:00 am to 12:30 pm.Click here to view the notification 

Assoc,Prof,Dr. Muhammad Shoaib Khan (Chairman Orthopaedics depott) is assigned additional duties of  Associate Dean Postgraduate on acting basis. Click Here to view the notification 

Meeting Minutes of 60th  Management Committee KMC/KTH/KCD held on 14,19,20 October uploaded. click here to view

Attention 2nd Year MBBS. Practical date sheet for annual exam 2020 uploaded. Click here to view

Attention Final year MBBS: Last date for submission of Final Prof, exam form is 20/11/2020. For details Click Here

Attention Third Year MBBS. Internal OSPE result announced. Click Here to view

Selection & Promotion Criteria for Faculty. Regulations for MTI. click here to  Download

Attention final Year MBBS:  Clinical rotation to be resume from Monday, 19th OCT,2020. For more details Click Here

Revised Date sheets of annual examination: Click to view First Year, Second Year, Third Year, Fourth Year, Final year

Meeting regarding I.T infrastructure in MTI KTH/KMC/KCD

A meeting was held in the conference room KMC chaired by Chairman BoG Dr. Nadeem Khawar regarding implemintation of HMIS system, I.T infrastructure and other relevant matter. Member BoG Sabur Sethi, Dean KMC Dr.Mahmud Aurangzeb, Hospital Director Dr. Tahir Nadeem, Medical Director Aamir Azhar, Nursing Director Rehmatullah,  Dr. Nisar Ahmad, Mr. Shahid and Mr.Sulaiman were also present on the occasion.

Selection of Chairpersons

New chairpersons were selected for different department of clinical Sciences.

Click Here to view details

Selection of Chairpersons

Assoc Prof,Dr. Muhammad Idrees selected as Chairman Department of Pathology

Research fair 2020 by Community Medicine Department

Rsearch fair was conducted by community medicine department on 5th nov 2020. A total of 23 batches participated in the event. Day started with Judgement of research posters,Positions awarded to students.After arrival of Dean,Ceremony started with recitation of holy verses.Video was displayed regarding activity,Followed by research presentation by students.

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Khyber Medical College Peshawar.

The mother institute of the nation

Founded in 1954, Khyber Medical College, as faculty of Medicine, of Peshawar University, was laid by the then Governor General of Pakistan, Mr. Ghulam Muhammad. Explore…..

Dean's Message

Prof. Mahmud Aurangzeb

Dean. Khyber Medical College Peshawar


It requires an immense effort to explore their potential so that they are proficient in utilizing their knowledge and apted to compete in this global village, as it drives us to be the best we can. It is with immense pleasure that I welcome you all on the official website of the prestigious KHYBER MEDICAL COLLEGE, Peshawar.


Khyber medical college is one of the most acclaimed and reputable medical institution of the country. Throughout its 66 years of scintillating history, it has not only produced the foremost medical practitioners, specialists and surgeons, but also played a very pronounced role in yielding excellent health care to the people of this province and other parts of country. KMC endeavors to consider teaching as an art of science, nourishing young minds with latest knowledge and advancement in the medical field.


The good will and dedication of our predecessors, the continued support and engagement from our alumini and the incumbent government has enabled KMC administration to announce it as a centre of excellence.

As a dean of KMC, I am committed to ensure valuable and resourceful contribution in development and delivery of all the key academic strategies, which will be based on honesty and probity, keeping interests of the institution as a top priority. During my tenure, I will provide my knowledge and feedback for the development, implementation and maintenance of academic standards and educational policies.


I am humbled and enraptured by the success of our graduates in taking lead in many provincial, federal and military health care facilities through their advanced skills, professional approach, high morals, zeal and dedication to the cause. I would be closely working with my team for the advancement in pedagogy, and am optimistic and confident that with growing strength and depth of our faculty and ever increasing number of illustrious alumini, the KMC administration will shepherd it to a glorious future. “As alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”.




Our mission as an institution is to teach with creativity and dedication, to cultivate world leading medical and health practitioners, to heal with quality and compassion and to inspire discovery and innovation with integrity and resolve.

To empower and equip our graduates through quality medical education and training, professionalism and desired skills to provide admirable health care services to patients based on humility, honesty, selflessness, confidentiality, integrity and ethical values of this sacred profession.
To be a premier medical sciences institution of best practices in health care services and research at par with international standards.
Jobs Test & Interview Schedule

Test for the post of Assistant Provost and Civil Engineer: 03:12:2020 at KMC

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Meetings Minutes

CHPE 2020 Admission Form along with bank fee reciept. Download

Fee Concession Form.Download

IMC proforma Download

Leave application form staff Download

Job application form for BPS 17 & above  Download 

Job application form for BPS 05 to 16    Download

Wi Fi registration form Download

Plagiarism policy of MTI, KMC/KTH  Download

KMC webportal KMCite

All the students are hereby directed to login the KMCite webportal for ODL. For more details Click Here  

‘‘our past is glorious and our future would be no different’’

I have always considered myself blessed to be a graduate of Khyber Medical College Peshawar. KMC nurtured me and made me whatever  i am today as successful cardiologist in the USA. KMC is like a family, our mother-ship. As KMC students and graduates we must endevour to help those who needs our help. 
Dr Naeem A Khan

MBBS, FACC, FSCAI. Leading Cardiologist, Centralia, USA, KMC Graduate, 1973

Khizar Hayat

MBBS 1st Prof 2019

2nd Position in KMU

Ziad Ali

MBBS 1st Prof.2019

2nd position in KMU

Muhammad Tabish Ikram.

MBBS 4th Prof.2019

2nd Position in KMU

Farah Gul

MBBS 4rth Prof.2019

1st  Position in KMU

Maryam Hamid

MBBS 4rth Prof.2019

3rd  Position in KMC

Haseeb Ahmad

MBBS 3rd Prof.2019

2nd Position in KMU

Gul Rukh Noreen

MBBS 3rd Prof 2019.

2nd Position in KMU

Faryal Masaud

MBBS 3rd Prof 2019.

1st Position in KMU

Sadia Shafique

MBBS 3rd Prof 2019

4th Position in KMU

Maria Subhan

MBBS 2nd Prof 2019

1st Position in KMC

Mashal Fakhar

MBBS 2nd Prof 2019

3rd Position in KMC

Laiba Ahmad

MBBS 2nd Prof 2019

1st Position in KMC

Umama Faisal Akhunzada

MBBS 2nd Prof 2019

3rd Position in KMC

Our Alumni

Our Alumni

Flourishing and engaged alumni are a visible indicator of the success of our practice-led vision.  Our alumni have the practice intelligence, skills and experience that give substance to the vision of KMC. Through their engagement students can draw on their experience of solving problems in the real world and learn to deliver measurable improvements in organisational performance.


KMCAANA is a 501-3C non-profit, alumni of graduates of Khyber Medical College residing in North America. KMCAANA graduates are serving communities across United States.


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Patron: Prof. Mahmud Aurangzeb. Dean, Khyber medical College Peshawar.

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