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Founded in 1957, Literary Society is one of the oldest student societies of Khyber Medical College. During its journey, this society was not only involved in publication of college magazine CENNA .but also had the honor of the organizing various declamation contests, quiz and poetry competitions, and many other foundations which provided medical students with many opportunities to show their talent in extra curricular activities along with known academic qualification.
Presently Dr.Zakir Ullah
is the chairman of the literary Society and under his guidance and supervision the magazine has flourished even more, setting up highest standards of sense and inspiration for students all over .
The Society brings out CENNA, a trilingual magazine that represents the creative cognition in the college. The first issue appeared in 1959, since then this magazine has been the true reflection of the intellectual and literary capabilities of the Khyberians.
The Magazine comprises of three major sections, in each of the three languages spoken and understood in this part of the world. Apart from Pashto, English Urdu sections, Medical section is there to appreciate recent advances in medical research and brings about special case histories for the students. Each sections his own Chief Editor with a dedicated team of editor to organize to respective section.

In addition, Activities, Drama and Debited section are also a part of the literary Society and CENNA Magazine and add wonderful flavor to the literary activities.
It can truly be said that the cabinet member of the literary Society are the Ambassadors of Khyber Medical College which strive hard in excelling and making name of its Alma mater amongst the sister institutions.

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