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KMC Anti-Harassment Committee

Khyber Medical College has Zero Tolerance for Harasment

These actions can be considered as sexual harassment:

Wolf whistle’s
Sexual innuendo
Comments about another person’s body
Exaggerated mocking
Public humiliation
Obscene phone call
Threatening letters
Tales of sexual exploitation

Pressure for dates

Sexually explicit gestures

Telling sexiest jokes

Unwelcome touching and hugging

Sexual sneak attacks

Inappropriate invitation

Inappropriate gifts

Sexual assault

Soliciting sexual services


You may be a victim of sexual harassment if you receive:

Dirty or indecent remarks

Suggestive remarks about the way you look
Questions about your sex life
Sexual demands
Unwanted physical contact
Unwanted offensive jokes
Glimpses of sexually suggestive pictures
Offer of favors for sexual payment


At risk behavior with the student

Certain action with the student invite risk and send the wrong message.


Be alone with a student.

Hug a student.

Rub a student neck or back.

E-mail a student with overtly friendly massages.

Share sexually oriented jokes with the student.

Excessively compliment a student especially regarding the student’s appearance.

Allow a student to flirt with you or to be provocative towards you.

Return flirting or provocative behavior.

What you should do??

If you are being sexually harassed:
Ask the person harassing you to stop.
Tell some one in authority in the educational institute about the situation.
If the situation does not stop go to the in-charge sexual harassment committee.

If you know about a student who is sexually harassed:
Listen without judgment.
Advise the student to tell the offending person to stop.
Report the student to the committee immediately.

The worst thing about sexual harassment is to do


Committee for Protection of Women against Harassment at the Workplace:
Prof. Dr. Saima Gilani,
Gynecology Unit, KTH
Prof. Dr. Ghulam Shabbier,
Medical Unit, KTH
Prof. Dr. Mushtaq Ahmad Marwat,
Pharmacology Deptt, KMC


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