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Pathology is the backbone of medicine. It aims to understand the nature, cause and consequences of diseases through examination of blood and tissue specimens. Pathology department was established when Khyber Medical College came into being in 1954. The affiliated hospital is 1200 bedded, Khyber Teaching Hospital. In the beginning the department was headed by the senior most professor on the basis of teaching and administrative qualities and presently head of the department is called the chairman. The department comprises of four sections/unit namely haematology, histopathology, microbiology and chemical pathology with unit heads, who report to the chairman. The laboratory caters for both indoor and outdoor patients, providing routine and specialized services in all the sub-specialities. The faculty consists of 3 professors, 1 associate professor, 14 assistant professors and 12 demonstrators. The faculty is full time involved in comprehensive educational activities and diagnostic services.

The undergraduate teaching program benefits all five years of medical students. “The modular system”, consisting of lectures, small group discussions, theme based learning, practical work and ward rounds. The postgraduate program at present is MPhil which has 8 enrolled scholars. It includes taught courses along with journal club, presentations and case discussions. Other residency programs are in pipeline. Research is an inseparable goal in our mission. The faculty has published multiple good quality papers in peer reviewed journals and have presented in scientific conferences.

The faculty is involved in collaborative activities with private and government organizations. They are invited as examiners by the Khyber medical university and College of Physicians And Surgeons of Pakistan.

We aim to get hospital certification for international standards and to become a degree awarding institution.


Prof.Muhammad Tahir Khan

Chairman, Department of Pathology

Chairman Message

”In this era of evidence based medicine, we foster research in applied and basic sciences. We promote the future of pathology and laboratory medicine through diagnostics and research and its application in clinical practice to bring innovation in patient care for better outcomes”

To be recognized as the leading pathology department nationally in education and research and as a provider of high quality diagnostic services.

  • To provide innovative teaching to prepare future leaders in academics and pathology research.
  • To establish a robust teaching, research, diagnostic and quality assurance system, leading to accreditation of residency programs nationally.
  • To inculcate ethical and professional behavior in undergraduate and postgraduate medical students to provide high quality health care to all patients irrespective of their background.
  • To provide a collaborative environment for research to expand our knowledge of human health and disease that motivates and inspires excellence.

To develop, implement and evaluate innovations in health care, research and education to improve the quality of people’s health.

Prof.Muhammad Tahir Khan

Professor & Chairman | MBBS, FCPP, M.Phil,, drtahirkhan786@gmail.com

Prof. Shahina Mumtaz

Professor | MBBS, DCP, M.Phil,, shainamumtaz123@gmail.com

Dr. Ahmad Rafiq

Professor | MBBS, DCP,M.Phil,, arafiq6519@gmail.com

Dr. Naila Ismail

Associate Professor | MBBS, DCP, M.phil,, nailaismail44@gmail.com

Dr. Muhammad Idrees

Associate Professor | MBBS,M.Phil , PhD | Focal Person for PM&DC | Focal Person / Admin, incharge Public Health Lab, dr.idreeskhan2036@gmail.com

Dr. Mohsin Shafi

Associate Professor | MBBS, M.Phil, mohsinshafi@gmail.com

Dr. Pordil Khan

Assistant Professor | MBBS, M.Phill, pordilk@yahoo.com

Professor | MBBS, FCPS, PhD,

Dr. Nuzhat Sultana

Assistant Professor | MBBS, FCPS,, nuzhatsk16@gmail.com

Dr. Asif Hussain Munir

Assistant Professor | MBBS, M.Phill, dr.asif335@gmail.com

Dr. Saima Nadeem

Assistant Professor | MBBS, M.Phill, saimam¬_kd@hotmail.com

Dr. Syed Luqman Soaib

Assistant Professor | MBBS, M.Phill, syedluqmanshoaib@yahho.com

Dr. Safia Rahman

Assistant Professor | MBBS, M.Phil, safia.rahman@hotmail.com

Dr. Nazish Farooq

Assistant Professor | MBBS, FCPS,, nazishfarooqheam@gmail.com

Dr. Muhammad Asghar

Assistant Professor | MBBS , M.Phil

Dr. Amina Gul

Assistant Professor | MBBS , DCP, PhD Microbiology, dr.aminagul@gmail.com

Dr.Naveed Sharif

Assistant Professor | MBBS, M.Phill

Dr. Muhammad Ihtesham

Assistant Professor | MBBS, M.Phill, ihteshamkhan9@yahoo.com

Dr. Saima Qayyum

Demonstrator | MBBS, cymaqayum@yahoo.com

Dr. Muhammad Zubair

Demonstrator | MBBS, dr.xubair@yahoo.com

Dr. Hamid Nawaz

Demonstrator | MBBS, hnkhan345@gmail.com

Dr. Zahid Ashraf

Demonstrator | MBBS, MPH, drzash@gmail.com

Dr. Zarmina Hussain

Demonstrator | MBBS, zarmina@hotmail.com

Dr. Sunia Arif Khan

Demonstrator | MBBS, suniaarifkhan@gmail.com

Dr. Momina Ali

Demonstrator | MBBS, momenashah3@gmail.com

Dr. Mahum Farooq

Demonstrator | MBBS, mahumdurrani@gmail.com

Dr. Ronaq Zaman

Demonstrator | MBBS, drronaq@live.com

Dr. Somia Abid

Demonstrator | MBBS, syedasomiaa@gmail.com

Dr.Neelam Ahmad

Hematologist | MBBS, FCPS. DCP, neelamahmad66@gmail.com

Dr. Samiya Rahman

Demonstrator | MBBS, samiyah.rahman@gmail.com

Symposium and hands on session on NCOVID 19

Symposium and hands on session on NCOVID 19 in Department of Pathology,KMC/KTH in collabration with Pakistan Biological Safery Association.KP chapter on Feb 28th  2020