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Department of Pharmacology & Therapeutics



Welcome to the department of Pharmacology & Therapeutics at Khyber Medical College, Peshawar

About the Department: The first batch of MBBS students of Khyber Medical College was able to reach its 3rd year in 1957. As no Pharmacologist was available at that time, a well known Physician Dr. Nasir ud Din Azam Khan was given the responsibility of establishing the department and teaching the subject of Pharmacology. Since then, a series of renowned Professors, including eminent Pharmacologists like Professor S.A. Wahid Shah, chaired the department, raising it to the outstanding position among the Pharmacology departments of public and private sector medical colleges, not only in the province but also throughout the country.

The department has a rich faculty including two Professors, one Associate Professor, five Assistant Professors and five Demonstrators who are involved full time in teaching and training of undergraduate students of 3rd year MBBS and 2nd year BDS, and postgraduate scholars of M.Phil and DCD (Diploma in Clinical Dentistry) in the discipline of Pharmacology.

The department has one lecture theatre, three laboratories for undergraduate students, a research laboratory for postgraduate students and faculty, a museum, SGD rooms, staff room and offices for the faculty and ministerial staff, and an animal house. Research Laboratory of the department is equipped with PowerLab, rotary evaporator and refrigerator for storing biological specimens at -80C to -800C for research purposes. The department also manages a Students Pharmacy providing first-aid in emergency situations.

Imparting knowledge of rationale use of medications and fostering a culture of research in the field of Pharmacology
To be a dynamic and competitive centre of excellence in teaching, learning and research in the discipline of Pharmacology
Dr. Mushtaq Ahmad Marwat

Professor & Chairman | MBBS, M.Phil, drmushtaq86@gmail.com

Dr. Saadatullah Khan,

Professor | MBBS, M.Phil, drsaadat68@gmail.com

Dr. Abid Shah

Associate Professor | MBBS, FCPS (Medicine), doctorabidshah@gmail.com

Dr. Shandana Amer

Assistant Professor | MBBS, M.Phil, PhD (Scholar), shandanaaltaf@hotmail.com

Dr. Saleh Faisal

Assistant Professor | MBBS, M.Phil, PhD (Scholar), drsalehfaisal@gmail.com

Dr. Mohammad Tamhid

Demonstrator / MBBS, M.Phil (Scholar)

Dr. Naimatullah Orakzai

Assistant Professor | MBBS, M.Phil, PhD (Scholar), orakzai76@gmail.com

Dr. Muazzam Ahmad

Assistant Professor | MBBS, M.Phil, banisai20@hotmail.com

Dr. Tariq Mahfooz Khwaja

Demonstrator | MBBS, M.Phil , tariq_mahfooz@hotmail.com

Waheed Iqbal

Chemist / B.Pharmacy, M.Phil (Pharmacology), waheediqbal22@gmail.com

Dr. Nizam ud Din

Assistant Professor | MBBS, M.Phil, FCPS (Medicine), M.Phil (pharma), CHPE, drnizam99@yahoo.com

Dr. Mustafa Khurshid

Demonstrator / MBBS, mustafakhurshid@outlook.com

Dr. Tahira Ibrar

Demonstrator / MBBS