Social Welfare Society


Patron & Dean : Prof. Dr. Noor Ul Iman

Chairman : Dr. Naveed Alam

Co-Chairperson : Dr. Naila Hamid

Deputy Chairman : Dr. Aslam Khan

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General Secretary: Saad Salman Safir

Joint Secretary: Imtiaz Ur Rehman

Finance Secretary: Humna Arshad

Information Secretary: Urooj Siddiq



Social Assistance Wing:

Health and Education Wing:

Patient Care Wing:

Blood Donation Wing:

Social welfare society KMC is a youth wing of Pakistan Red crescent society K.P.K; based on its various activities the society has maintained 1st position as the best wing of Pakistan Red crescent society K.P.K for the last 28 years in a row.


1.  To arrange blood for poor and needy.

2.  To provide free medicines to Poor patients.

3.  To arrange free medical camps.

4.  To give financial assistance to deserving students.

5.  To arrange seminars for character building of medical students.

It has four wings:

1. Health education wing

2.  Patient cave wing

3.  Social assistance wing

4. Blood donation wing.


News and Notificatoins:

SWS Audit Report 2013



Recent Activities:



1.  President of Pakistan declared it the best society of all medical colleges in 1985.

2.  Declared as best youth wing of Pakistan Red crescent society N.W.F.P for the last 16 years.

3.  Two students of this society were selected for international Red cross youth gathering, China in 1993.

4.  Two students were selected for I.Y.C at Hobast, Australia 1994.

5.  Two students were selected for I.Y.C at Bangkok, Thailand in 1996.

6.  One students represented Pakistan at international youth Red cross China in 1998.

7.  One student represented Pakistan, at a conference in Melbourne, Australia in 2001.